Our Team

Glenn Kelly
Email: glennk@nuquestfreight.com

Director of Finance:
Cheryl Kelly
Email: cherylk@nuquestfreight.com

Logistics Specialists:
Email: operations@nuquestfreight.com

Debbie Fegan: White Glove, Specialty Services and Distribution
Colleen Dusky: Trade Show and Logistics
Steve Campbell: Specialty Services, Logistics, and Customs Brokerage
Marina Megally: Logistics Coordinator

Nuquest Trucking Division:

Email: dispatch@nuquestfreight.com

Todd Moore: Asset Manager

Accounting Specialists:
Email: accounting@nuquestfreight.com

Judith Ducharme: Account Payable
Betty Girvin: Accounts Receivable

Warehousing Division:
Email: warehouse@nuquestfreight.com

Eric Prokopowisz:  Lead Warehouse Associate
Carol Ram: Lead Warehouse Coordinator
Nikita Regular: Warehouse Coordinator

Business Development:
Email: sales@nuquestfreight.com