“There are no limits, we go beyond them.”


NuQuest Integrated Services has been in operation since 1998. It began as a Third Party Logistics provider that offered freight management solutions within the Freight Forwarding Industry, and within four years of it’s inception, branched out into warehousing and expedited services. NuQuest rapidly became a trusted partner with it’s diverse network of partners across Canada and the United States. We were recognized by major retailers for our attention to every detail which allowed us to combine freight management and warehousing services together, and in 2002, we officially launched our Warehousing Service Program.

After continued referrals and requests for this range of services, NuQuest evolved into the role of Special Handling and White Glove Services, including Trade Show, and After Hours deliveries. We recognized the needs of our clients to have a full flex of services in one location. We supplied our own manpower to provide light assembly and product refurbishing, to managing full-sized mining equipment and crane deliveries on site. It was at this point that NuQuest introduced our Asset Based Division, providing our own trucks to focus on White Glove and Special Handling Services.

In 2012, we were approached with the need for Pick and Pack and Distribution Services in Canada, and with the knowledge and expertise we had gained over the years, were confident that this service would enhance and build trust and peace of mind with both our new and existing clients.

Our Vision evolved by developing consolidated freight management programs that enabled our customers “one” single point of contact. As a result, NuQuest Integrated Services has been able to position itself as a dynamic solutions leader, both, at home in Canada and internationally.

“There are no borders, we go beyond them” 

Who We Are:

  • Trusted Partner with a diverse customer base
  • Long History of Proven Success
  • Wide Range of Offering and Capabilities
  • Help control costs, improve your customer service and increase efficiency
  • Employ longterm Logistics Specialists that balance the needs of multiple customers
  • Committed to Service Excellence and Quality by using proven processes and achieving desired results
  • Network of Service Location that are conveniently located and can easily evolve and change based on your specific needs
  • Personalized Service – knowing our customers leads to better performance and the ability to update strategies and go beyond client expectations
  • Evolving Technology that can be integrated with your freight management programs

What we do:

  • White Glove and Special Handling Services
  • Local Deliveries 
  • Transportation Solutions
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Custom Brokerage Service