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Customs Brokerage Services

If you are importing into Canada, you will require the services of a Canadian Customs Broker. NuQuest provides superior. NuQuest offers Custom Brokerage Services to all our Canadian and US Importers. Our strategic partnerships allow us to offer an expedient, one stop shop for all your Canadian Imports from Coast to Coast, using Canada Customs ACROSS and PARS systems.
Some key features of our Customs Brokerage Services:

  • DFAIT Permits
  • RMD, PARS, INPARS, FIRST ACROSS and Temporary Import Releases
  • Consolidation, Drawback & Technical Services
  • EDI Capable, ACROSS & CADEX Processing
  • Compliance Management & Tariff Audits
    Management Reporting

Email: info@nuquestfreight.com